Music and Travel!

Do you know how it feels to listen to live, pure, real acoustic music while chilling around a bonfire, someplace with in the shadows of the mountains and a warm shawl which you peacefully cuddle in to, having a small sip of the hot chocolate besides you?

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The Biryani Calender

Edited by:- Kriselle Fonseca Hello readers,  I am back..with an unusual but an interesting concept from the waters of the deep blue sea. I was really excited to know about the concept of a Biryani Calender, which is a strange thing practiced by the heroes out at sea, the sailors. The concept is simple - every... Continue Reading →

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10 Things I love about Traveling Solo

Travelling is something that is really close to my heart.  I can travel in any manner may it be Group, Family, Friends or Solo. But I prefer to travel alone because you get to discover a lot more when you are off on you own, no one to stop you or to hold you back.... Continue Reading →

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Wandering around Kerala…..

Kerala is a beautiful state located in South India, famous for its greenery, backwaters, Coconuts and a delicious variety of food served over there. Capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram and is a beautiful city itself. Kerala has a literacy rate of 93.91% and is ranked no.1 in the country for its literacy. The food in... Continue Reading →

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Glowing Sands Of Rajasthan…!!!

Rajasthan is a land of kings as its history states it.  A state in India which is famous for its heritage, culture, Safaris, Sand dunes,lush forests and wild-life all these things make this state nonpareil. Rajasthan also has very rich architectural structures in some of its cities which include the Rajwadas (Kings landing), Temples, Historic... Continue Reading →

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Cultural Ganesha

“Ganpati Bappa Morya” is currently trending in Mumbai rather all over Maharashtra and even some places across the borders of India. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of those festivals which depicts a long followed culture of the state of Maharashtra. So much popular now that it is celebrated across the world. This festival basically follows the... Continue Reading →

Goan Exploration

Goa... If I get a chance I can write a whole book on Goa. Before writing let me tell you one thing about me, for me travelling means not just to do a sightseeing of a place and come back. For me travelling is to stay in a local hotel, eat local food, and do... Continue Reading →

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