Exploring through the Shadow City of Dharavi.

Dharavi is a large area filled with slums and small scale industries situated in Mumbai India. It is often considered as a very shabby or dirty area. But to tell you the truth, it actually has a pace of its own. Dharavi consists of both residential as well as commercial areas and they have been divided properly according to the needs of the locality.

There is no disagreeing to the fact that it is a bit underdeveloped area and the people live in very difficult situations. But this place has something really very interesting to offer, the lifestyle of the people living in Dharavi is very vivid and totally opposite to the known lifestyle of Mumbai. Dharavi is like a place where needy and under educated people from all around the country come and work for a brief period of 10 months, earn and save a decent amount of money and return to their concerned villages.

There is a lot more to Dharavi than it meets the eye. For all we know the place earns a whooping amount of Rs. 30 crores a day from all its small scale industries. The best way to explore Dharavi is through reality tours.  Reality tours is an organization which plans realistic tours of Dharavi where they take you through all the lows and highs of this place.

The slum tours in Dharavi takes you through the commercial areas of Dharavi and informs you about all the various industries like Plastic and Aluminum recycling, Leather, pottery etc. and how they operate in a very systematic manner.  It also lets you explore the residential areas where people from all different castes and cultures have settled down and live in peace and harmony.

The people of Dharavi are really welcoming and treat the tourist’s with respect. All the kids greet the tourists with smiles and sweet hello’s which makes you feel homely with the people. The culture of Dharavi is intense and vivid as all the religions have their different festivals. But the People celebrate all the festivals with equal enthusiasm.

This tour helps you understand a part of Dharavi which somewhat resembles to the whole of Dharavi. Over the years a lot of International tourists have taken interests in exploring Dharavi by taking this tour. Reality tours makes you believe that Dharavi is not a Shabby or a filthy place but a beautifully cultivated habitat by the end of the tour.



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