Mumbai : A guide to Travel like a Local

Mumbai is a very busy city, infact so busy that sometimes people find the 24hr time cycle insufficient for their schedule. Apart from all the business and trade this city is also a great place to travel.

Mumbai has a contrast with places to travel within the city. Towards the south of this city are all the historic monuments and the hip lifestyle, as you proceed to the north of the city you gradually move towards the nature friendly parts of Mumbai.

The one thing that connects the south of this city to the north are the local trains. Daily thousands of people travel by local trains, some going for their work, some of them just to travel, but the interesting part is a for a city with such a huge population and crowded trains people don’t seem to get fed up of them.


As a traveler, local trains are something that should be experienced by every travel enthusiast. The mumbai locals are reffered to as the lifeline of Mumbai (make a note of that, as it may be a $10000 question at a quiz competition😉). It is now a part of the modern culture of this city.

As a local I personally feel that if you wanna travel Mumbai like a local, the best and the cheapest way is to travel by trains. The benefits being that the local trains connect 75% of the city, and for the remaining 25%, What are Uber and Ola for? 😂

Some of the interesting things that you might come across while travelling in a local are :-

Train fights- Fret not, just the way you have bar fights and take pleasure in telling it to everyone. We have local train fights and I dont know about others but I enjoy watching a train fight, as it is kind of an entertainment in the journey. Although make sure you don’t get into one. 😉

Folk singing groups- Group of people singing folk songs with handy folk instruments is something to look out for. You might actually groove to the beat, I do! If you are gutsy enough you might get to play the instruments if you ask them.

P.C- Grabhouse

These are some of the things you should experience as a traveler because this is the lifestyle of Mumbai. There are many more things that you might come across. Just be aware of your belongings and travel safe. This is where I end this blog, if you do travel and find something new feel free to comment about it. Even I would love to know about it. After all, traveling is all about living out of your comfort zone.




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