Harishchandra Gadh: Trekking in the Arms of Sahyadri.

Trekking is something I personally prefer when I want to be alone amidst the nature and be clear about my thoughts. I am not a regular trekker but when I do I make sure that I enjoy the most of it. Harishchandra gadh is one if the beautiful treks which is near Mumbai. A lot of trekking groups arrange treks to harishchandra gadh and everyone has their own itenerary, I tagged along a group called Mumbai Rangers.

My motive of going for the trek was to enjoy the sightings of fireflies which occur in the area around rainy season. Let me tell you it is really a beautiful scenario to see large number of fireflies shining their booties around a tree.

We started the trek at around 1.30 am in the morning and our destination to reach was Konkan Kada, a cliff on the mountain which is at 4665 ft above sea level. It took us around 3 hrs to reach at the top but the view was breath taking.

*Please Do Not Try This. I did because I am a crazy/mad person.😂😂😎

Apart from the view, what I enjoyed was trekking in the dark as the valleys were not visible and the fear of the unknown was there in our minds while walking. I was surprised, when we were coming down to our base camp in the morning as I got to see the valley and was shocked as to how the hell did we walk through here in the night.

I enjoyed each and every bit of the trek and felt refreshed, ready to come back to the daily hectic life of Mumbai. So this was my experience of a place to travel nearby mumbai. Its necessary to travel once in a while as its refreshes your mind and helps you think positively. This is where I sign off, until then stay helathy and keep travelling. Bye!

Picture Credits:

instagram: @chuckofalltrades


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