Mumbai By Night

Mumbai the city of lights, dreams and what not?? Everyday thousands of people start their Journey toward their dreams by coming to Mumbai. As lovely as it sounds, it is also really hard to survive in Mumbai. Mumbai by day is really fast and can beat the hell out of a new comer but believe me once you get the hang of it, you start enjoying how this city beats in your life. Amidst the people who love Mumbai by day there are also people like me who love Mumbai by night. At Night Mumbai is a whole different city rather a whole different world.

Mumbai by Night is not just clubbing, parties and all the so called hip ‘Night Life’ of the city. At night this city is a calm and serene place where people engage, socialize, have a peaceful and happy time. If you ask me to describe Mumbai, the picture that my mind paints is all those silent and empty roads, the late night street food vendors, the cigarette cum chai (tea) vendors on cycle, the beautiful and calm sound of waves. Mumbai at night is kind of a Drug which gives you a natural trip.

This is a must try for every traveler who visits Mumbai because, this kind of gives you a sense towards the culture/lifestyle and habitat of the city and its people. For Mumbaikars, I am sure most of them must have tried this but if you haven’t you definitely should. For the locals, when you work hard for a week and you have the weekend for yourself this tour can prove to be refreshing and help u in achieving a state of peace. It might even help you sleep better on a Saturday night, it surely works out for me.

Here’s a small Itinerary of how to roam around Mumbai at night. These are my choices you can always make your own and please comment of any awesome places you know which I might love to go. For a short drive I would like to start off to Bandra by making stops at Carter road and Bandstand. At bandstand you can find a lot of street food vendors at night and the beautiful sound of waves will just be a perfect company. If you have time on your hand just take out your vehicle and leave for Marine drives. If you are hungry there are a lot of places which are open till late night like Bademiyas and many more. You can spend as much time as you want siting at marine drives, I know because I’ve spent hours just listening to the sound of waves, admiring the beautiful queen’s necklace and having butta (fried corn) at marine drives. There are many more places where you can have a good time these are just my favorites.

Mumbai is a city which is really fast but at the same time it can also be peaceful and calm. At night Mumbai is like a person’s heart beat when he is at peace, slow and calm. Try it for once and it might just turn out to be a natural and healthy addiction for you. A common misconception is that it’s not safe to travel at night, Believe me! It is not at all dangerous to roam around at night, just choose the right places and you’ll have the time of your life. Have a happy weekend. Travel hard,live free.








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