The Biryani Calender

Edited by:- Kriselle Fonseca

Hello readers,  I am back..with an unusual but an interesting concept from the waters of the deep blue sea.

I was really excited to know about the concept of a Biryani Calender, which is a strange thing practiced by the heroes out at sea, the sailors.

The concept is simple – every sunday they have the good fortune of eating biryani for lunch.That’s right, EVERY Sunday. But I guess that’s their weekly solace considering that they are away from their families for months and months of hard work. Coming back to the point – each Biryani eaten is one week down on their contracts. So if you’re on a 6 month contract, you’ll have 6 x 4 (four Sundays in a month) i.e 24 biryanis to go back home.

As heavenly as biriyani every Sunday sounds, let me tell you, they’re actually counting down to when they don’t have that privilege anymore. To get their fix of the world’s best food – comfort, home-cooked meals.

So this is how the people at sea count their way back home by keeping a track of the delicious biryanis every sunday. If you like this post please do share so that every one gets to know about this beautiful concept. And please do share with me, interesting stories like this if you know any. Until then Bye Bye Captain! 😉😁


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