Wandering around Kerala…..

Kerala is a beautiful state located in South India, famous for its greenery, backwaters, Coconuts and a delicious variety of food served over there. Capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram and is a beautiful city itself. Kerala has a literacy rate of 93.91% and is ranked no.1 in the country for its literacy. The food in Kerala is just awesome and I would never miss the local food of Kerala for the world. The seafood in Kerala is very notorious as it is located on the Malabar coast to the south-west of India. The remarkable cuisines of Kerala include Idly(fluffy rice pancakes) accompanied by sambhar (a sweet and spicy curry of  pigeon pea),Dosa again accompanied by sambhar and chutney, Meduwadas (Kind of like doughnut but not sweet) accompanied by sambhar are served in breakfast. A very heavenly delicacy Malabar biryani, Chicken curry, Meen curry(fish curry), Chicken fry, prawns fry and steamed spicy fish served in lunch or dinner are intensely luscious.
                   There are a lots of places to visit in Kerala, which consist of tourist destinations, churches, temples and Hill stations and even tea and coffee plantations. Lets start off with the famous and must watch tourist destinations in Kerala. Allapuzzha is a place located in south Kerala.It is also knows as Venice of the east. You can enjoy a luxurious house boat ride in the back waters of Allapuzzha. There is also an old lighthouse located somewhere nearby vijaya beach, from where a person can get an awesome view of the sea and the sunset. The second and the most wonderful place in Kerala is Munnar. Munnar is a very famous hill stations in Kerala and is all surrounded by mountains and to tea/coffee plantations on those mountains. Munnar has an alluring view from the top. Munnar produces a variety of tea and coffee, so tea and coffee lovers should take a visit to Munnar and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee sitting on a luxurious chair looking at hilarious view out of their window. The next place to visit in Kerala is Kumarakom. the village of Kumarakom is a cluster of little island on the Vembanad lake. There is a bird sanctuary located in Kumarakom which is a heavenly place for tourists and bird watchers. Tourists can also enjoy a ride in a house boat on the backwaters in Karakorum. These are the most famous places to visit in Kerala according to me.
Top 10 Things to do in Kerala
1. Eating the local food.
2. A visit to the bird sanctuary in Kumarakom.
3. Sunset at vijaya beach.
4. Luxurious tour in a house boat on the backwaters of Kerala.
5. Visit to Munnar and tea/coffee plantations at Munnar.
6.  Kovalam Beach.
7.  Periyar wild life sanctuary.
8. Fort Kochi.
9. Eating Lunch/dinner on banana leaf.
10. Muzhaphilangad beach

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