Music and Travel!

Do you know how it feels to listen to live, pure, real acoustic music while chilling around a bonfire, someplace with in the shadows of the mountains and a warm shawl which you peacefully cuddle in to, having a small sip of the hot chocolate besides you?


Harishchandra Gadh: Trekking in the Arms of Sahyadri.

Trekking is something I personally prefer when I want to be alone amidst the nature and be clear about my thoughts. I am not a regular trekker but when I do I make sure that I enjoy the most of it. Harishchandra gadh is one if the beautiful treks which is near Mumbai. A lot... Continue Reading →

The Biryani Calender

Edited by:- Kriselle Fonseca Hello readers,  I am back..with an unusual but an interesting concept from the waters of the deep blue sea. I was really excited to know about the concept of a Biryani Calender, which is a strange thing practiced by the heroes out at sea, the sailors. The concept is simple - every... Continue Reading →

Cultural Ganesha

“Ganpati Bappa Morya” is currently trending in Mumbai rather all over Maharashtra and even some places across the borders of India. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of those festivals which depicts a long followed culture of the state of Maharashtra. So much popular now that it is celebrated across the world. This festival basically follows the... Continue Reading →

Goan Exploration

Goa... If I get a chance I can write a whole book on Goa. Before writing let me tell you one thing about me, for me travelling means not just to do a sightseeing of a place and come back. For me travelling is to stay in a local hotel, eat local food, and do... Continue Reading →

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